Barbara and I are now the owners of the Dew Drop Inn.  A wonderful place where all abilities can come together to share food, laughter, music and one another's company.


I would describe Barbara and I as a love story that continues to unfold and deepen everyday. Barbara and I have been married 36 1/2 years. Barbara went to an all girls school so, I was her date for her junior prom. What followed became our love story.

At this moment we are parents to 24 children,
6 biological and 18 adopted special needs children.

In our eyes there is no difference or distinction between biological and adopted.
You can say that we have grownup together. We have almost 7 beautiful grandchildren to love and certainly spoil!!!

And still each day, we continue to grow and experience all aspects of life's offerings.
People of all abilities are, and have always been, dear to our hearts even before we began adopting. We always wanted a big family. We felt God blessed us with love to share to those who were medically fragile and would never be adopted. We opened our hearts to the special needs world in gratitude for God giving us 6 healthy children. And as a friend who also adopted once said, "adopting is like eating potato chips. You can ever have just one". And, so true it is!!!!!

The Dew Drop Inn is very dear to our hearts. It is a place where young people can come together to enjoy each other. A "family"who enjoys a meal together, sings together, plays video games together and care for one another like brothers and sisters.

When they enter the nest, the hug for a friend is truly heartfelt. Barbara and I know that this is where God wants us to be.

There are not words to express the joy that we feel after spending time with these young people.  Our dream for Dew Drop Inn is to continue to grow, also watch these young people grow within themselves and certainly for Barbara and I to grow with them, always at their side!! 


Barbara and Bob Mongillo 

Mission Statement

To engage, inspire, integrate people of all abilities into a community environment providing friendship, love and fostering growth toward independence.


We are a 501c corporation.